Angel inside

 I’m very excited about this skin line I just discovered. Genesis is indeed very promising ! And you can get that skin for free with the SL Free & Offers group.

All eyes from Buzz are so pretty… it became one of my favorite brand for nice eyes and god knows how picky I am ! lol

lotd aug 27


Skin : Genesis – Pria Summer Exclusive (Gift for SLF&O Group)

Hair : Magika – Dots

Eyes : Buzz – Arcane Winter

Teeth : Whatever – No Money For Braces

Teeth Alpha : Pumec – Lara (skin gacha)

Corset : LiliciousSweat Fireflies – Seven Sins Rose

Leggings : Kitja Cherie – Black Leather Stripes (only 50L$)

Boots : Motivaction – Tanya Wedges Black (for slink MID feet)

Purse : Noodles – Meg Satchel Black (Gacha – only 50L$ / play)

Necklace : Pure Poison – Verania (Group Gift)

Headband : Made by Rogue Falconer – Pearl Winged White (I truly thought this was still available…)

By Kaila Vaniva

Leverocci sale ? What are we waiting for ?!?

I guess the title says it… lol

I’ve always like Leverocci so with a sale going on… it’s paradise on earth lol

Look at all the cool stuff they have !


Look 1

Dress : Leverocci – Orchid Sun

Shoes : Celoe – Amea Depth

Skin : Al Vulo – Lyala Sunkissed

Hair : Ploom – Flint

Look 2 

Cardigan : Leverocci – Cascade Cardigan Beige

Pants : Ison – Moto Leather Pants Sand

Top : The Sea Hole – Odette Bustier Chestnut

Boots : Leverocci – Siberia Boots Titanium

Skin : Essences – Clover Beach Love Sunkissed (at TDR Fusion)

Hair : LeLutka – Alice Praline

Look 3

Top : Leverocci – Satin Ruffle Top Pearl

Skirt : Suicidal Unborn – Basic Miniskirt Black

Boots : Leverocci – Range Distressed

Skin : Mother’s Goose – Greta LB (Lucky Board)

Hair : Lamb – Adore Blur Root

Look 4

Sweater : Leverocci – Merino Wool Sweater Salmon

Pants : The Sea Hole – MetalMinx Jeans Pearl

Boots : Belgravia – Foxglove Beige

Skin : Glam Affair – Luria 09 (at the arcade)

Hair : Exile – Wild Horses Bleach

Look 5

Blouse : Leverocci – Soft Satin Blouse Nude

Jeans : Maitreya Zipper Skinny #2

Shoes : Leverocci – Python Pumps Vixen

Skin : Belleza – Lily Pale (Group Gift)

Hair : Truth – Havana Pumpkinpie Roots

Look 6

Dress : Leverocci – Cannes Halter Dress White

Shoes : Compulsion – Desire

Skin : Mother’s Goose – Charmy pack A

Hair : Magika – Forget

should have done it sooner…

Wearing that corset I got from ISON makes me wonder when will it be back with new stuff… I know it’s on marketplace, but I’ve always enjoy inworld shopping :o) I’ve matched it with that Paperbag long skirt which is to my opinion the best of it’s kind for the style! I had to photoshop it though because it’s always having some transparency issues like all the mesh clothing using it… I’ve matched the corset with that Fishy Strawberry  belt cuz I have since forever lol. oh and skin and hair are group gifts ! Enjoy !

ison corset full


Skin : Modish – Gia Crema (group gift)

Hair : Lelutka – Vent Bournville (group gift)

Nails : Mandala – Milky nails (and ring) Gaga Black


Top : ISON – Geometric corset mint (group gift)

Skirt : Paperbag – Halle maxi skirt black

Shoes : Whatever – Stripper boots black


Belt : Fishy Strawberry – Geisha leather belt

Collar : Cherry – Georgie

guess what’s new…

Guess what I got new ? lol Lolas !!! I went at the shop a couple times some months ago when there was only the push-up and natural breast… and then I was like naaahhh… not for me. Then I saw a skin ad with the model wearing the new Lolas Tango ! There I went Ô-Ô omg I just need those ! So I bought them right away lol and I love it ! I really like their “blessed-by-nature” feeling since it doesn’t look like silicone ones lol Now my only wish is that more skin creators make the applier for them :o)

Oh and yeah I’ve noticed i’m wearing the same bodysuit that I had on my last post BUT ! The Whore Mansion has now done the applier for it ! to make both parts or the cloth fit I had to put my boobs bigger than I would normally do so I changed my shape a little because with my usual s or xs… I looked right from a porn movie lol I decided to move to an average of a med size and I really liked it when I slipped into those new R.icielli jeans available for only 15L$ for a 3 colors pack (new hunt item #8 – very easy to find lol)


Skin : Al Vulo – Lyala Holliday pack Sunkissed (NEW)

Breast : Lolas – Tango

Hair : Magika – Clarify color pack 1

Eyes : Mayfly –  Liquid Light Rainshower Shadow

Lashes : Crissy Design – Irresistible on marketplace

Nails : Mstyle – Perfect hand Longest


Jeans : R.icielli –  Anna Mesh jeans color 3 (NEW)

Top : The Whore Mansion – Lace Bodysuit Victoria 3 (appliers sold separately)

Sandals : Cliché – Citta all black on marketplace (NEW)

Baby face

Good news : my credit card is back to life ! So I’ve spoiled myself with that skin from Mother’s Goose ! It’s not the newest one but still not that old and it has that perfect breast (to my opinion because it’s very natural) And also got a tons of new hair ! Just love those blended colors from Exile ! And then I came across those jeans from The Secret Store… it gives you those sexy curves. I definitely need another color of that jeans… maybe one of the pales… pink ? green ? turquoise ? omg can’t decide lol I matched it with that girly bodysuit from The Whore Mansion I had for a while now, but sometimes we still need these non-mesh items…


Skin : Mother’s Goose – Charmy, tone A, makeup 2 with teeth

Hair : Exile – Wild Horses, Dirty (NEW)

Eyes : Mayfly – Deep Sky Desert Dawn Shadow

Lashes : Crissy Design – Irresistible at marketplace

Nails : Mstyle – Perfect hand Longest


Jeans : The Secret Store – Rise Skinny jeans, Blue denim (NEW)

Top : The Whore Mansion – Lace Bodysuit Victoria 3

Boots : Whatever – Striper boots in black


Necklace : Mandala – Milky Way Choker Black wind

Bracelets : Erratic – Silver Cuffs

How did I end up that casual… hum I like it !

Ok now’s the 3rd time i’m trying to do that post so let’s say i’m getting a bit huh… whatever lol First time my bf closed my safari window and 2nd time I got a bug idk why it didn’t want to post it but erased it instead… yay… lol

Sooooooooo…. I just wanted to show that top from Paperbag, which I really like cuz i’m addicted to those peach/salmon colors. I matched it with a nice pair of jeans I found at Emery while shopping with my friend Karenina (thinking she didn’t even try to stop me… lol) My skin was at a past tdr but you can still buy Claire in a smoked makeup at YS&YS.


Skin : YS&YS – Claire

Hair : Elikatira – Again brown 8 (still on sale !!! 70% off)

Eyes : Mayfly – Deep sky mesh – Desert Dawn Shadow

Lashes : Crissy design – Irresistible (on market place, 50L$)

Nails : Candy Nails : P063 Marble cream (only 50L$)


Jeans : Emery – Mesh Mid-rise super skinny jeans kooks dark

Top : Paperbag – Buttoned shawl peach

Shoes : Whatever – High heels blush (GG joining fees 300L$)


Bracelets : Auxiliary – Chunky Bracelets OMGWTF (waiting for store to re-open)

Wednesday, september 26, 2012

Still time to catch those beautiful skins from Illusory before the shop close ! It’s 50% off !

Which means they are 500L$ each of the 6 skin tones, including 15 lipsticks with  and without teeth, light and dark brows, brow shapers and freckles.

Also still time for Elikatira’s huge sale 70% on everything !


Skin : Illusory – Love in Caramel (50% off) cleavage sold separately

Hair : Elikatira – Abbey Black 04 (70% off)

Lashes : Crissy design – Irresistible (on market place, 50L$, you can’t miss it lol)

Eyes : Mayfly – Deep sky mesh – Desert Dawn Shadow

Nails : Mstyle – Perfect longest


Top : Kim – Wardrobe top black

Skirt : Kim – Monna mesh skirt Zebra & black


Boots : Whatever – Striper boots in black

Collar : – Bound collar – Black mamba (mesh)

Bracelets : Mandala – Takara bangles black leather and fur

Monday, septembre 10, 2012

A bit of playing with photoshop today 🙂 I’m just addicted to mother goose’s skins so I had to show a close-up somehow… And just one thing about magika hair styles : I just love that the color is hud changeable, which means not having 142 different objects in your inventory for the same hair 😉


Skin : Mother’s Goose – Moran tone B

Hair : Magika –  Tendency (natural pack) (mesh)

Eyes : Mayfly – Deep Sky Desert Dawn Shadow (mesh)

Lashes : Crissy Design – Irresistible at marketplace


Top : Tulip – Halter top raspberry cream (mesh)

Shorts : Cynful – Zia denim short medium blue (mesh)

Boots : Ison – Carazon beige (mesh)


Bracelets with nails : Mandala – Kabuki silver phoenix

Necklace : Mandala – Amida white

Sunday, septembre 9, 2012

Today I just though about a neat look… but nah I just added that Red Mint collar for that little bitch touch *giggles*


Skin : Mother’s Goose – Ai-II

Hair : Exile – Fade into you – Bleach (natural fusion pack) (mesh)

Tattoo : Vestigium – Geisha

Eyes : Mayfly – Deep Sky Desert Dawn Shadow (mesh)

Nails : Mstyle – Perfect hand Longest

Bloddy knee : Suicidal unborn


Top : Suicidal Unborn – Thango red dress

Skirt : R.icielli – Pencil black leather skirt (mesh)

Shoes : N-core – Coquette plateform pure black


Bracelets : Erratic – silver cuffs

Choker : Red Mint – Studded collar 3

By Kaila Vaniva

Thursday, September 76, 2012

I’m just so happy that Lethal Couture as reopened ! I had to buy that skirt because I just love the curvy shape it has… the problem is now I want all the other colors… *sigh* lol I’ve matched it with that mesh top from R.icielli (here again hard to pick just one color). The hair is from Exile and I really like all the colors in that Natural Fusion pack. It has a bit of everything : blond, red, brown & black all nicely blended. I found those new bracelets at fameshed : they are a preview of a new line that will be out (soon I guess… lol) by the creators of Illusory skins and Aura clothing which will be merge into one single shop. Oh and the shoes… I almost had to breath in a paper bag when I discovered that new shoe brand called Compulsion ! They offer 3 nice models so far. I’ve only picked the black color of this one but honestly the fatpack is a very great value : if you think of buying more than 2 colors it’s better to go with the fatpack ! Enjoy ;o)


Skin : Body co – Yliang Yliang fair

Hair : Exile – Ready to go Rio at Fameshed

Lipstick – Mother goose’s – lips C 2 with teeth

Eyes : Mayfly – Deep Sky Midnight Oil Mesh

Nails : Mstyle – Perfect hand Longest

Lashes (tattoo) : Mother goose’s – comes with Ai-II pack


Skirt : Lethal Couture – Highway Charcoal skirt

Top : R.icielli – Minitop orange

Shoes : Compulsion – Sin black


Bracelets : Auxilliary – Chunky OMGWTF at Fameshed

Necklaces : Maxi Gossamer – Black pearl necklaces